High technology mixers

Manufacture of mixers suitable for liquid-liquid or liquid-powder mixtures. Gate stirrers with scrapers, stirrers made with different marine profile blades, dual-bladed, triple-bladed, quadruple-bladed, Cowles serrated, and other profiles, or combination of profiles. Option to combine these with the gate stirrers. Installation with heat coil heating systems through dual-chamber electrical resistors. Conical, concave and convex bases.

Temperature control

Our products can be equipped with the most advanced temperature control systems, adapted to ensure correct maintenance of the manufactured products. Our industrial containers complete with liner are built out of Aisi 304 or Aisi 316L stainless steel, with various grades of finish to suit your needs. The industrial containers liners are built from a flat, cylindrical sheet, fixed in place by spot welding, and offer high performance in terms of safety and efficiency. This creates the channel for the (heating or cooling) fluid to pass.

Slow mixers

Anchor stirrers

Anchor stirrers are primarily designed to mix highly viscous products and non-Newtonian fluids, i.e. fluids with a viscosity that varies depending on the shear stress that is applied.

These stirrers can be mounted in tanks with a round or conical base.

Blade stirrers

Blade stirrers are used in suspension, dispersion and homogenisation processes of low and medium viscosity substances. These stirrers can be installed in tanks with a round or conical base and work at low to moderate mixing speed, with a peripheral speed of between 2 and 7 m/s.

The blades are axial flow stirrers, ideal for mixing solid-liquid and liquid solutions and suspensions, as they prevent the deposit of solid particles on the bottom of the tank.

Depending on the application, it is also possible to fit the tank with deflectors.

Fast mixers

The ME.DIA range of mixers can be operated by a geared or direct motor.
The rotation of the propeller creates a flow that pushes the product toward the bottom of the tank which then rises back up to the surface of the liquid along the wall of the tank opposite the stirrer. This effect is favoured in a tank with a rounded bottom.
In order to produce a simultaneous circular flow, the stirrer is installed in an off-centre position, thus ensuring the complete homogenisation of the product.

Propeller stirrers

Propeller stirrers are assembled in an off-centre position preventing the rotational movement of the product being stirred. For this reason it is possible to avoid the installation of current baffles.


The Cowles model single spindle dissolvers are designed for mixing a wide range of products with different viscosities, from liquid to liquid or dry to liquid products.
The mixers are direct transmission with a power ranging from 0.5 to 125 horsepower (W). Fixed or variable speed mixers will vary from 1 to 300 horsepower (W). All are available with variable speed drives, with a mechanical or electronic system, inverter and frequency variator.


The high speed of turbines, combined with the high tolerance between the rotor and the stator, develops a powerful suction that conveys the product up to the centre of the cylinder head.
The product is aspirated into the upper part of the cylinder head and the impeller pushes it radially. With a top rotor speed of 20 m/s, the passage through the stator openings produces a strong mechanical cutting effect causing a mincing of the particles. The ejected flow also generates a hydraulic cutting effect, rising at high speed from the stator.

Wall-mounted scraper

Designed to process viscous and dense products, the mixer with the wall-mounted scraper is fitted with counter blades to improve the mixing of the viscous product along with a liner to heat the contents.
The products are loaded through the holes in the upper base, from a manhole or through a valve at the bottom of the tank.
The mixing action of the anchor stirrer with scrapers allows homogenisation of the product and prevents overheating of the wall thanks to the liner. If the device is equipped with a mixer capable of generating a high shear force it is possible to produce emulsions, dispersions or high quality solutions with no lumps.
The speed of the anchor and the temperature can be adjusted from the electrical switchboard.

Washing system and weighing system

The washing system can be manual or a CIP and SIP system. In order to achieve this, two rotating washing balls are installed in the system. The system will then need to be connected to a central CIP for automatic washing operation.

The equipment can be provided with a weighing system with load cells and terminals for taking weight measurements, complete with programming options. In this way, in addition to checking the product contained inside the reactor at any time, it is possible to check any addition and/or removal of the product.

Capacity and measurements

Depending on the requirements of use and the dimensions, each piece of equipment will be designed and reinforced to withstand the various stresses during the operating cycle.

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